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Teletower Explora 500

Details to Installed Projects:

  • Maximum Height: 21 meters
  • Top Mounting Load Not Dependent on Height: 3150 N
  • Construction Type: Lattice Tower
  • Material: Salt Water Resistant Aluminum AlSi0,5 F28 Stainless Steel Screws
  • Tower Dimensions:
  • Width & Depth: 496 x 496 mm
  • Segment Length up to: 7 X 3 Meters
  • Foundation Dimensions:
  1. Up to 12 Meters: Length X Width X Depth: 2400 X 2400 X 1000 mm
  2. Up to 21 Meters: Length X Width X Depth: 3200 X 3200 X 1000 mm

The Tower is Supplied with a Hand Winch as Standard Equipment, However, due

To the Height of the Tower, we Recommend the Optional Transmission with Motor