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We offer a complete package for W-Lan providers.

We provide demand oriented tower systems for customers.

Our customer requirement: Quick connect to the network

Hassfurt / SIN Network

Picture Example:

  • 24m Teletower Explora 1000 (available up to 30m)

  • 4x90mm antenna tubes 2m clamped to the tower

corners with 2m overhang

  • 1x90mm diameter central tube, clamped at 3m with 3m overhang

  • Accessible, slip resistant platform located on the tower

head, which can be folded up to access antennas

  • Central ladder system

  • Rest areas every 9m, DIN compliant

  • 5.1 ton safety rope is raped around a roller located on

the tower head and connected to a safety harness

  • Cable channel travels along the complete length of tower