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Mini XL

Teletower MiniXL

Details to Installed Projects and Special Axis:

  • Maximum Height: 9 meters
  • Top Load: 1600 N
  • Construction Type: Tubular Tower Tower Dimensions:
  • Width and Depth: 120 X 120 mm
  • Segment Length: 3 X 3000 mm
  • Weight: 85 Kg
  • Suspension Anchoring: Not Required
  • Wall Anchor: Yes, Minimum of 1, depending on implementation
  • Vertical Carriage: Yes
  • Carriage Drive: 350 Kg Hand Winch or E-Drive (Optional)
  • Model Variant: Wall-Wall, Wall-Floor, Roof Top, Vertical Carriage open to the Back
  • New: Freestanding MiniXL
  • Antennas: Mid Size Beams and Short Wave Antennas
  • Static Requirements: Not required under 10 meters, Approval Free Zone