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Teletower MiniXL

Model Wall-Wall

The MiniXL tower can be mounted to walls such as

  • Building Wall

  • Elevator Shaft

  • Garage Walls

  • Steel Beams

You can fix 2 wall brackets with a minimumdistance of 2.5 m between them.

Adjacent pictures will show different mounting examples.

MiniXL Wall-Wall 9m with Vertical traveling carriage and hand winch.

Part Number m1a9000xlw-w Price in Euros 2099.-

Teletower MiniXL with E-Winch on a Elevatorbuilding

Example for installation on a garagewall.

On the garagewall.

Teletower MiniXL with handwinch to pull over the window next to it

first and second wallbrackets, duty heavy.