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Pricing for Explora Towers

We can not provide individual pricing of our components to our customers without detailed information, due to variances in sizes and lengths of our components. Therefore individual pricing for the components listed below are not readily available without detailed specifics from the customer regarding your specific application.

  • Vertical Carriage System    

  • Hand Winch or Electric Motor with Switch

  • Cable Channel    

  • Ladder Climbing System

  • Holding Tube with Central Clamping of Rotary System

  • Holding Tubes on all 4 Corners of the Tower

  • Delivery

  • Installation

Our company strives to respond back to you as quickly as possible, usually within the same business day. By providing us with as much specifics to your project application, we will be able to provide you with a written quotation within 24 hours. Pertinent information required for a proper quotation by Hummelmasten would be as follows:

  • Project Location?

  • Company Name and Address?

  • All Contacts involved in Project with their Respective Telephone Numbers?

  • Are Third Parties Involved in Project?

  • Budgetary Requirements?

  • Required Height of Tower (Mast)?

  • With or Without Vertical Traverse Carriage?

  • Rotor, upper Bearing?

  • Hand Winch or Electric Motor (where Applicable)?

  • Tube Mounted on Carriage to Fasten Antennas or other Devices – Length, Diameter?

  • If Carriage not Required, How Many Tube Mounts are Required? Max. 5 pcs.

  • Tube Mounts (Without Carriage): Length, Diameter?

  • VA Cable Channel LANZ?

  • Ladder System?

  • Safety Rope with Belt Equipment, Helmet, Following Safety Apparatus (ASAP)?

  • Slip Resistant Platform on Tower (Mast) Head?

Please send your electronic inquiry to info@hummelmasten.de

If we have any specific questions to your inquiry, a call back will required to discuss these.