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21m Explora with OB 2-80


The property used to be an orange plantation which

has been converted into a private zoo and a radio station.

Next to the Explora 500 (21m height), the customer also has a Teletower Jumbo 12.5 m and a 12m Versa Tower, which is no problem to handle for a property in the size of 30000m².

The customer required a good antenna area of 80m and the required height for such, which our Jumbo Tower could provide.

Thus the decision to set up a 21m Explora 500 was made which would adopt to the existing OB 2-80 antenna. The carriage and the tower where fitted with the appropriate cabling for a 160m dipole.

The adjacent pictures illustrate the installation of the tower and the antenna.

The erection of the tower is also depicted.